UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Association’s Bradford mosque to host Jonathan Dimbleby show (Radio 4’s Any Questions? debate show )

Source:  | by Julie Tickner


LEADERS of a Bradford mosque hope to present a positive image of the city to thousands of people when it hosts a flagship national radio programme.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association will host Radio 4’s Any Questions? debate show at the Al-Mahdi Mosque later this month.

The topical show invites its audience to ask questions of a panel made up of people from the worlds of politics, science, the arts, media and business.

Panellists for the October 31 show have yet to be confirmed, but the Association’s president Dr Mohammed Iqbal has made some suggestions and is particularly looking forward to meeting the host Jonathan Dimbleby.

He said he was also looking forward to “some interesting and challenging” questions.


“They will be discussing whatever is topical that week. It will be post conferences so there may be discussions about party manifestos or Muslims in the Middle East.

“Jonathan Dimbleby is one of my favourites so I’m really pleased,” he said.

Dr Iqbal said that as around 1.5 million people were thought to listen to the show, it was also a great opportunity to show the best of Bradford and the mosque.

“We’ve done a lot of things in the community and this one is a real coup and I’m so pleased we’ve been chosen. It’s really great,” he added.

He thought the mosque had been chosen because of work he had done with local BBC programmes who had recommended the venue, in Rees Way, Undercliffe, which he hoped would be full for the live broadcast.

“I am absolutely delighted that BBC Radio 4 have decided to host the very popular Any Questions broadcast from the Al Mahdi Mosque on October 31.

“This is another first for the Ahmadiyya Muslim community of Bradford and it will certainly give a great boost of confidence to all our communities in our city and district.

“Islam and the Muslim community are under the spot-light at the moment with all the barbaric acts being displayed extremist organisations in the Middle East and elsewhere,” Dr Iqbal said.

“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has always been in the forefront of presenting the most positive aspects of Islam and the Muslim community and we are really looking forward to hosting Any Questions and receiving our guests.”


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