U.S. diffidence in Syria means failure

by Michael Young, The Daily Star, Lebanon


President Barack Obama’s attitude toward the Syrian conflict is the equivalent of wanting to win the lottery without buying a ticket. Obama has used his aircraft to bombard ISIS in Syria, but the president does not want to do anything yet, or allow his allies to do anything, that may affect military outcomes there.

The Turks seek to create safety zones inside Syria, which would include no-fly zones.

Obama’s caution in Syria is perhaps understandable, but now that he has outlined a strategy to deal with ISIS, he cannot afford to hesitate midpassage.

Even people close to the Syrian regime are quietly saying Assad will not last.

The West and the Arab world need a road map in Syria.

Most important, by accepting such an approach, Obama will show that his campaign against ISIS is part of a broader package to normalize the situation in Syria.

The Americans must accept that for three years they neglected Syria and allowed the situation to deteriorate to the point where they have to intervene today.

ISIS grew because the situation in Syria was so bad.

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  1. Why are they talking about US diffidence and US failure in Syria? Syria is far from the US and the US should have left it alone all along. The diffidence and failure lies rather with Arab and Muslim states. They are the ones who should care what happens to their brothers and sisters in Syria.

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