Ghana: Allow Muslim students to worship in school


The Sarkin Zongo of Cape Coast, Alhaji Mahmoud Dandey Mazawaje IV, has expressed concern about the refusal of some authorities of Senior High Schools in the Metropolis to allow Muslim students practice their religion.

He said reports reaching him indicated that some Muslim students were compelled to attend church services and prevented from attending Muslim events such as congregational prayers during Muslim festivals.

The Sarkin Zongo, who expressed the sentiment at the weekend, therefore, appealed to the Government to intervene to ensure that their right to freedom of worship, as enshrined in the national constitution, was not trampled on.

He made the appeal when hundreds of orthodox Muslims converged at the Holy Child Grounds to mark this year’s Eid-Ul-Adha Celebration, a Muslim festival of sacrifice celebrated to mark Ibrahim’s obedience to God to sacrifice his son Ismail.

He said Islam was a peaceful religion, but such regulations in some schools had the tendency of undermining that peace.

“Let us not allow what happened in 2008 to happen again,” he stated.

In 2008 a final year Muslim student of Adisadel College in Cape Coast jumped from the fourth floor of a school block and died reportedly in attempt to escape from a teacher, who was allegedly pursuing other students and insisting that those hiding in the block must attend the school’s Church Service.

But a committee set to investigate the …

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