Science of languages, the fingerprint of God

This tree suggests how all the Indo-European languages are derived from one proto-type language

It is said that there are 6909 different languages including dialects. Apparently over 2000 of these languages are spoken by less than 1000 people. Hundreds of languages are disappearing as we speak. It is said that half of the world speaks 13 different main languages and the other half accounts for the thousands more.

But who created this diversity on earth? How is it possible that each nationality has a different language and how is it possible that the same nationalities have numerous up to hundreds of different languages?

Language is not man made. If it were, how could it be possible? How was it possible that a few thousand years ago, the mighty Egyptian’s, who ruled over the Jewish nation, allowed them to keep their own language?

French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Russian, English.

My small brain struggles to identify the how we on earth have so many languages. Preserved and matured.

Yet, non of these differences hide the common language we all have deep inside of us, the language of what is right and what is wrong.


Language of Right & Wrong

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Arabic- the mother of All language.

We would like to share our readers another related aspect of this news item that over 100 years ago it was the God Almighty who revealed to the Reformer of the Time Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian that source of every Language was one i.e Arabic and that Arabic is the  mother of all languages. He disclosed this revelation to his famous book Minur Rehman.

A scholar Muhammad Ahmad Mazhar devoted his entire life in research and proved that indeed Arabic is the mother of all  language. Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Mazhar wrote many research articles and books on this subject:

Arabic The Mother of All Languages

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Arabic a revealed language and the mother of all languages

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