Ahmadiyya Muslims pledge loyalty to Queen and country

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Source: LONDON, June 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/

Ahmadiyya Muslims pledge loyalty to Queen and country

As the British Government considers steps to stem radicalisation, one of Britain’s oldest established Muslim communities drives forward its campaign to promote Islam’s true message of peace. This weekend thousands of Muslim youth will gather in Surrey to reaffirm their loyalty to Britain, followed by the roll out of an Islam awareness bus campaign across the southwest of England.

The Ahmadiyya Youth at the rally will be reminded of their duty, as Muslims, to serve their country and play a positive role in society. This is part of the community’s national campaign to remove misunderstandings about Islam, and their belief that reform is sustained with teaching their own youth about Islam’s commitment to peace.

Rafiq Hayat, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK said:

We are deeply troubled by the violence and terrorism that is based on a highly toxic extremist ideology that uses religion to further a fascist agenda. We share the Prime Minister David Cameron’s concern about how events in Syria and Iraq can have a potential impact on the UK.

Extremism – whether it is based on religion, race or any other factor – is a threat to us all. Our community has been in the UK for more than a century and we actively seek to promote peace that starts by educating our children about what it means to be true Muslims.

This is achieved by the Jihad of self-reformation and service to mankind. We teach our youth that Islam teaches us to save lives rather than take lives. It also teaches us to be loyal citizens and this is why our youth pledge has a clear statement of allegiance to our country. We promote values of loyalty, freedom, equality, respect and peace – values that are common to our faith and our country. This is how we guide and shield our youth from extremism.

The community is guided by its Khalifa (worldwide spiritual leader), Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who is based in London. It has raised millions for British charities, donated thousands of units of blood, planted 50,000 trees and continues to work to promote interfaith understanding. It has reached out to more than 4.5 millions in person, and will next week be running a major awareness campaign in the South West of England by 125 buses carrying a message of ‘Muslims For Peace’.

“Let us counter intolerance with education to counter extremism and extremists everywhere.”

Basharat Nazir media@ahmadiyya.org.uk Tel +44-7703-483-384
Mahmood Rafiq Tel +44-7971-060-962

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