Netanyahu ordered covert operations in Egypt after the revolution, report

According to military analyst Alon David who was interviewed by Channel 10 on Friday, Netanyahu has exhibited a great ability to take bold decisions in unusual circumstances. For instance, he ordered the implementation of many operations in a number of countries, including Egypt, Syria, Sudan and Iran.

David’s comments came in response to accusing Netanyahu of being “a reluctant leader” who tends not to take decisive decisions.

The only known operation carried out in Egypt and attributed to Israel was an airstrike on Salafi Jihadists in Sinai in October 2013.

David’s remarks shed light on unannounced operations led by Israel inside Egypt.

An Israeli army general interviewed by Yisrael Hume newspaper on June 6, 2014, hailed Egyptian army cooperation since the Sisi-led coup.

According to the General, tasked with securing borders with Egypt, the operations carried out by the Egyptian army against Jihadists have reduced the challenges which threaten Israel. “We only gain positive returns and huge benefits from the war waged by the Egyptian army against Jihadists. This war has brought us calm and security.”

“Their operations have led to substantial results. Out of 25 wanted Jihadists, 9 have been killed, including the leader of the terrorists,” he said.


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  1. When I used to say that Israel is ‘meddling’ in all these countries I heard some people think that ‘this guy is making up conspiracy theories again’, well, here is the proof that I was right!

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