The Israeli army wages a campaign of mass arrests in Hebron


The Israeli Occupation Forces arrested this Saturday 12 citizens of the city of Hebron, in southern West Bank.

According to Palestinian security sources and local news agencies, the Israeli army raided Hebron and arrested the two brothers Shadi and Alaa Zakaria Abu Zina, Ammar Abu Eisha and his wife Ikram Abu Aisha, Iyad Shabana al-Tamimi, Yasser Jamal, Dirar Abu Saw, and the brothers Marwan, Sharif, Bilal and Ayman Osman Qawasmeh. They were all arrested after the IOF broke into their homes and searched them, and they were taken to unknown locations.

The sources added that the Israeli army raided several neighborhoods in the towns of the Hebron province: Dura, Yatta, Beit Kahil, and Tarqumiya, and broke into dozens of homes and inspected and confiscated recordings of surveillance cameras, under the pretext of searching for 3 settlers that disappeared on Thursday night near an Israeli illegal settlement, north of Hebron.

The IOF also erected barriers at the entrances of Hebron and surrounding villages, and stopped several vehicles, inspecting them and checking the passengers ID cards.

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