Hands off Islamic law

Source: Arabnew:Com

Justice Minister Mohammed Al-Eissa has denounced international rights groups for attacking the Kingdom’s judiciary, saying laws in this country are based on divine precepts contained in the Holy Qur’an.
“Any attack on the judiciary will be considered an attack on the Kingdom’s sovereignty,” he said recently.
Speaking to American lawyers, legal consultants and academics in Washington, Al-Eissa said many people have misunderstood Islamic laws because they follow biased information and ignore cultural differences. “This is the reason for rights organizations making big mistakes in their reports,” he said.


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  1. Fact is some are Saudi brand Islamic laws and not based on correct interpretation of Quranic teachings. Saudis should stop distracting the world on the name of Islam.

  2. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    The Holy Quran being the Revealed Book and the words of God, no doubt is very beautiful, its teachings has wonderful attractions to all unbiased people round the Globe. The teachings are for the benefits of the society, every persons rights and responsibilities has been prescribed, the fact is that if everyone is mindful of what he or she owes to others, this very world on the earth will become Paradise, the problems take place when people become greedy instead of mindful what they owe to the Society they are more mindful of what is due to them from the Society rather the demands are more than what is due to them. People become power hungry and use politics for their own ex to grained. Instead of excepting the Authority of Holy Quran over them, their own impassions become the authority and some how or any how they claim it to be the part of Shariah law for this to accomplish they even bribe to the clergy of Muslims who interpreted as per desire of the ruler they are fully rewarded and those saints who are steadfast they are brutally punished, from the history to such examples are Imam Malik (r. e.) and Qazi Shorai. So it is not fault with the Holy Quran, it is fault with the ruler who twisted it for its own ex to grained.
    Saudi Minister for Justice should not take Criticism by Human Right as offensive rather should prove that they are not inhuman and as per Holy Quran and should save guard the honor of the Holy Quran by Logic rather dishonor it by threatening them.
    Zarif Ahmad

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