U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier: Blasphemy Laws and Discrimination in Pakistan Must Go


There should be no compulsion in religion. Surely, right has become distinct from wrong; so whosoever refuses to be led by those who transgress, and believes in Allah, has surely grasped a strong handle which knows no breaking. And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. (Al Quran 2:257)

Congresswoman Jackie Spier

Congresswoman Jackie Speier

You Tube: Published on Jun 1, 2014

Remarks of U.S. Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA), Co-Chair of Ahmaadiyya Muslim Caucus, at Press Conference of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, U.S. Capitol Hill:

Karen Lorraine Jacqueline “Jackie” Speier[2] (/ˈspɪər/; born May 14, 1950) is the U.S. Representative for California’s 14th congressional district, serving in Congress since 2008. She is a member of the Democratic Party. The district, numbered as the 12th District from 2008 to 2013, includes the northern two-thirds of San Mateo County and the southwest quarter of San Francisco. She represents much of the territory that had been represented by her political mentor, Leo Ryan.

She is also a former member of the California State Senate who represented parts of San Francisco and San Mateo counties. On April 8, 2008, she won the special election for the vacated United States House of Representatives seat of late Congressman Tom Lantos.[3]

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2 replies

  1. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    As Ahmadies we Love Islam, Prectice Islam, Defence Islam on every plateform, and we not only Love the Holy Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h) rather we stand guard the Honor of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (p.b.o.h.), with same tocken we categorically Reject the blasphemy law as it has absolutely no footing in the holy Quran or the Sunnat of The Holy Prophet Mohammad (p.b.o.h.) As he was and is Rehmatul-lil-Aalameen (The Mercy for the Universe) who bearing most bitter attrocities at the hands of infidals Quresh for 13 years, when he became victorious over them, forgave them all, and in his life time his honor were injured many a times, he never ever took revenge for his own sake, even the Holy Quran recorded injury to his honor by Abdullah bin Obiee bin Solule, the Holy Prophet not only forgave him but also offered his feuneral Prayer and gave his own shert for his burriel.
    As all Ahmadies love their homeland and offered all kinds of secrifices for its sake, so much so that an Ahmadi Lord Tariq Ahmad from U.K. when asked about stopping the Aid Program for Pakistan beacuse of the attrocities committed in Pakistan against Ahmadies, his response was we will never condition the Aid with it. As a Pakistani Ahmadi I also love my home land and would not like to Stop its help, but enough is enough, what to do for the Government of Pakistan and its corrupt Politicians who are blind and dumb who has more fear of Terrorist than Allah and because of their own ex to grind hole the Nation has become pain and their hew and cary is not heard at all.
    The blasphemy Law must be repealed as it is a blot on the beautiful face of Islam and honor to the holy Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h.) and misreably used against innocent people of Pakistan.
    Jacei Speier Zindabad for making awere of her govrnment the State of affairs in Pakistan.
    First Religion of the3 world was Humanity, people were living in caves Hazrat Adem (pb.oh.) brought them out and make them Human beings, so if there is no humanity there is no Religion, we must join hands against all kind of atrocities with out regard the nation or Religion or color of people. Humanity Zindabad Pakistan Paindabad.
    Shaheed is always living and Zindabad and every drop of his blood on the earth of Rabwah Pakistan giving the glad tiding of Revolution for the opperesed Humanity that daylight of Hope is very near.
    Zarif Ahmad

  2. The laws which are against the humanity must be deleted from the laws of countries. The blasphemy laws must deleted from the Pakistan constitution. It is harming Pakistan and humanity.

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