Saudi Arabia: Foreign agencies ‘using drugs to destabilize KSA’

Foreign agencies ‘using drugs to destabilize KSA’

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    THINKING OUT OF THE BOX: Smugglers have been increasingly using new methods to bring drugs into the Kingdom.


Published — Saturday 29 March 2014

Certain hostile foreign agencies are possibly trying to destabilize the country by flooding it with drugs, an economist said here recently.
“I don’t rule out the possibility of a link between foreign intelligence agencies and drug use in the Kingdom, as a way to corrupt and sabotage society,” said Fadhil Al-Buainain.
Al-Buainain said the Interior Ministry recently revealed in a report that it had confiscated drugs worth SR2 billion.
It has also indicated that the value of drugs seized has increased steadily, which is a worrying development, he said.
“The intense efforts of the Ministry of Interior and even the government’s tough new sanctions for such crimes have not deterred the smugglers from continuing their activities.
“They act as if they are not seeking financial profits as much as wanting to target the security and stability of the country, with the aim of destroying our society,” Al-Buainain said.
He said an estimated SR10 billion in drug money is laundered every year. “How are they able to launder this amount of money considering the country’s strict regulatory systems and legislation?”
He said it appears that these smugglers have protection and assistance from foreign intelligence agencies with access to sophisticated financial systems.
Al-Buainain said the authorities should spend more time trying to deal with the financial aspects of this illicit business.
“Arresting smugglers does not guarantee that the country eliminates organized gangs. It only means that one or more attempts have been thwarted, which can be compensated for easily by the leaders of these gangs. But tracking money laundering operations and arresting those involved would see these gangs crushed locally and internationally.”
He said this would cut off the financial support for smugglers bringing drugs into the country.
He said it was “unacceptable” for the public to ask the Interior Ministry to shoulder complete responsibility for tackling the drug scourge that “threatens our social and national security.”
“Where are our other ministries? What roles do our education institutions, mosques, religious bodies, civil society organizations, families and society in general play?”
He said a united effort by public and private bodies could help eradicate this problem from society.


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