Noor Inayat Khan- Decendant of Tipu Sultan- commemorated in British postage stamp

ET: The Royal Mail, Britain’s postal service company, has issued a postage stamp commemorating Noorunissa Inayat Khan, a World War II heroine of Indian origin, according to an official press release.

A descendant of Tipu Sultan of Mysore, the British-Indian secret agent was dubbed the “Spy Princess”.

Noor Inayat Khan worked as a wireless officer for the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) in Paris during 1943, when the city was occupied by Nazi forces. She evaded capture far longer than expected in her role and continued to send important messages to London to aid the French Resistance.

The stamp is part of the “Remarkable Lives Stamp Set” that honours individuals for their contribution to British society in sports, design, economics, heroism and the arts.

All individuals were born in 1914 and would have turned 100 this year. Each stamp includes a portrait of the individual, their name, when they were born and died, and what they contributed to society.

A memorial to her in Gordon Square Gardens, London, was unveiled by the Princess Royal in 2012.


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