Why are they so afraid of freedom of speech?

Atheist.ie: BenBaz Aziz, the Egyptian atheist who is now free after a year in prison in Kuwait on blasphemy charges, will be writing articles about secularism, atheism, human rights and related issues for Atheist Ireland.

This is his first article, ‘Why are they so afraid of freedom of speech?’

You can read more about BenBaz here, and you can read more by BenBaz on his Facebook Pageand in Arabic on his blog.

Why are they so afraid of freedom of speech?

There is big similarity between fair judge and smart voter, as both of them never make a decision until they hear to all parties. This means the guarantee of freedom of speech is essential for every party so that he can explain his case. Subsequently, this would ensure fair trials and successful democracy.

What if the judge gave that right to one party and took it away from the other one? Don’t we call him unfair judge? In Middle East the society is like that unfair judge. And the democracy here is even worse. They allow freedom of speech for who raises the banner of religion, customs and traditions.


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