No peace until Pakistan embraces Sharia law: TTP negotiators

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ET: ISLAMABAD: There is no chance of peace in Pakistan until the government embraces Sharia law and US-led forces withdraw completely from Afghanistan, said negotiators representing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) on Wednesday.

The tough conditions appear to deal a blow to hopes that talks with the government could end the TTP insurgency that has rocked the country since 2007.

Maulana Samiul Haq, the head of the TTP’s three-man talks team, told AFP there could be “no peace” in the region while there were still US troops across the border.

His comments were echoed by his fellow TTP negotiator Maulana Abdul Aziz, who also said the TTP’s long-held commitment to imposing sharia law across Pakistan was not open to debate.

“Without sharia law, the Taliban won’t accept (the talks) even one percent,” he told AFP.

“If some factions accept it, then the others won’t accept it.

There has been scepticism about what the talks could achieve. Local peace deals reached with the militants in the past have quickly fallen apart.

“Their real agenda is sharia,” Aziz said, suggesting that all secular courts based on the common law system be abolished.


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