Govt to introduce code of ethics for religious harmony:

Source: ET

ALALPUR: With religious discord seeping in, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousaf on Saturday said that the government was introducing a code of ethics for religious harmony.

Talking to a delegation of religious scholars at Usman bin Affan seminary in Mulstan, he said that terrorists had no religion and were the enemy of humanity.

He emphasised that religious harmony be maintained among all schools of thought and everyone be given due rights under the 1973 Constitution, which guaranteed protection of life for every citizen of the country.


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  1. Unless the Mullas realise that whatever they had been doing for the last 100 years was anti-Islamic; that it was Kufr i.e. enmity against real Islam, there will be no outcome, no use.

    They are coming back towards peace after a long delay. Mere admission of wish for peace does not bring any fruit. Government has to press its foot against the well known culprits within country who are openly inciting evil by TV speeches and banners. Government should take them to task instead of appealing to the miscreants to behave.

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