Queens Muslim fashion follower — a hijabista — breaks new modest yet stylish ground

Queens mom Sana Rashid, 30, discusses life and all things fashionista on her site Modhijabi.com


Sana Rashid wears clothing that covers her body and hair in keeping with her Muslim faith. Still, the Queens mom is a total fashionista, blogging about her life and style choices on the site Modhijabi.com.

“I didn’t want the blog to be just fashion, because I want it to be relatable to more people, and I want people to see that, here I am, I’m a Muslim woman, I lead a very normal life,” said Rashid, who started wearing a head-covering scarf, or hijab, in ninth grade.

“People just have a negative connotation about Muslim women, that we’re forced to wear hijab — that everything is forced,” she said. “I do whatever I want.”
Pakistani-born and American-raised Rashid, 30, is one of a growing number of modest yet stylish Muslim fashion followers — dubbed hijabistas — joining the blogosphere and gathering dedicated followers.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/queens-muslim-fashion-follower-hijabista-breaks-new-modest-stylish-ground-article-1.1436650#ixzz2d5uad29Q

Fashion blogger Sana Rashid in Bryant Park.

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  1. Though I do not follow Islam I believe that covering the hair and modest clothing is very important. We need to be Humble before God not flaunt our bodies.
    We all can look attractive and be a modest woman at the same time.

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