Jerusalem mufti urges follow-up on King’s call for moderation

by Mohammad Ghazal | Aug 22, 2013 | 22:59

AMMAN — A leading Muslim scholar said His Majesty King Abdullah’s address at a meeting with Muslim scholars on Tuesday carried “a clear message for intellectuals and decision makers across the Arab world to fight the growing sectarian violence in the region before it is too late”.

Sheikh Mohammad Hussein, grand mufti of Jerusalem, urged politicians, clerics and intellectuals to heed the call of the King, in fulfilment of their responsibilities towards the nation.

He said the Monarch’s remarks addressed the roots of the region’s problems and represented an urgent call for the Ummah’s (Muslim nation) intellectuals and scholars to lead efforts to stop the spiralling sectarian and ethnic violence in the region.

“His Majesty’s speech was courageous and addressed very sensitive issues that need to be addressed. For example, the King said Muslims, whether Sunnis or Shiites, should work hand-in-hand and help end sectarian violence in Syria,” Sheikh Hussein told The Jordan Times at the end of the 16th General Conference of Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought, which concluded on Wednesday.

The King called for social equity in the Arab and Muslim world and emphasised the role of democracy in a modern Islamic state, which are two main pillars in addressing the woes of the Ummah and the conditions that emerged across the Arab world since early 2011, said Sheikh Hussein, who commended the “intellectual approach” the King adopts in addressing the concerns and problems of the Muslim world.

In his speech at a meeting Tuesday with Muslim scholars taking part in the Aal Al Bayt assembly, the King warned against the danger of manipulating religion for political purposes and sowing the seeds of “hateful ethnic and intra-religious sectarian division”.

He called on Islamic leaders to consider democracy as a “goal in itself, rather than mere figures and percentages”, urging respect of minority rights and opinions.



2 replies

  1. Yes, the nice ‘declarations’ do need active follow up. From our side we would suggest that the Aal al Bayt Institute approach the Government of Pakistan to cancel all ‘Takfiri Laws’ on their books.

  2. I agreed Br,Rafiq with your comments, these scholars must review why the Muslim Um-ma believing in one God, one Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (swa) , and reading one Book Quran, how they can unite on one hand

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