Talaq: Divorced from reality?

Source: articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

The heretical triple talaq is sanctioned neither by the Quran nor by the Prophet’s precepts

Talaq, talaq, talaq – the three dreaded words, if uttered by a husband in quick succession could, in less than a blink of an eye, unilaterally bring to an end the marital life of a Muslim woman. However, in what may come as a shock to numerous Muslims and others, the Quran – the holy book of the Muslims – does not prescribe this form of divorce at all.

In fact, the Quran has specifically laid down a formula of a three-tiered calibrated divorce, keeping in mind human frailties. The first two stages give an opportunity to the estranged couple to reconsider their decision and, if possible, reconcile and resume their married relationship. But it is only the third and last step, if traversed, that would make the talaq irrevocable. Therefore, the most important injunction in the Quran, in this regard, is that after each pronouncement of talaq there has to be compulsorily a period of waiting or iddat that provides a timeout to reflect on the alternatives to a divorce.

And, neither the uttering of talaq, talaq, talaq in one sentence nor a single pronouncement to indicate an intention of irrevocably dissolving the marriage had the approval of Prophet Muhammad (saw). A relevant Hadith on the subject, quoted in Islamic Research Foundation International, USA, would make it clear. “Maulana Usmani quotes from Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal that once Rukanah pronounced three divorces against his wife but later he was very sorry for it. When the Prophet (peace be unto him) asked him, ‘How did you divorce your wife?’ Rukanah replied that he had pronounced three divorces. The Prophet asked, ‘Did you pronounce it in one sitting?’ When he said, ‘Yes,’ the noble Prophet said, ‘Treat it as one divorce only and, if you want, you can take your wife back.’ And Rukanah took his wife back.”

Hence, the triple talaq in one sitting is called “talaq-ul-bidaat” a heretical talaq. The triple talaq, which Muslims are made to believe is based on divine revelation, is nothing but a man-made legal evasion created by a pliant Muslim clergy… continue reading at articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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