Muslims mark Jewish Heritage Month


May was Jewish History Month in the Canadian province of Ontario, proclaimed by an act of the provincial government one year ago. The month is dedicated to celebrating the achievements and contributions of Jews, Jewish organizations and the Jewish community to life in Ontario.
Tariq Khan, on behalf of Muslim guests, gave thanks to the Jewish friends for this wonderful and amazing visit. “Muslims and Jews are cousins and I am very glad today we are jointly marking the Jewish Heritage Month,” he said…………..

“Islam and Judaism share a common origin through Prophet Abraham and thus, both are considered Abrahamic religions. One of the common teachings in both religions is to serve humanity selflessly.”

‘Make this planet hate-free’

He further said that throughout the Muslim history, whether in Khilafat-e-Rashida (The Pious Caliphate), Umayyad Dynasty, Abbasid Empire, Muslim Spain or Ottoman Era, there is no record of any religion based armed conflict found between the two. Muslims and Jews lived in relative peace with one another all over the world, and Muslim Spain is still considered as the Golden Era for Jews.

“The Palestinian conflict has nothing to do with religion, and it was initiated by communist Arab rulers. Instead of welcoming the Jewish people who came back to their holy land which was lost 2,000 years ago and joining hands with them to serve humanity together, so-called Arab nationalist rulers invaded the modern State of Israel.


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