Ahmadi Lawsuit Against Bekasi Mayor Crucial to All Religious Minorities: HRW

The Jakarta Globe:

An Indonesian legal expert has described a lawsuit filed by the Ahmadiyah against the mayor of Bekasi over the shuttering of their mosque as a “very interesting development” that could serve as a channel for other religious minorities in the country to seek similar redress.

“If [the Ahmadiyah] lose it will be a long period of time before another [lawsuit],” said Andreas Harsono, Indonesia researcher at Human Rights Watch, “but if they win it will be important for all minorities in Indonesia.”

Now sealed the Al Misbah Mosque was built in 1993. “The land title, the construction permit, the usage permit are legal, and the building permit as well as the other permits have never been revoked by the city authority of Bekasi,

The Indonesian Ahmadiyah Congregation announced last week it was taking mayor of Bekasi Rachmat Effendi to the State Administrative Court in Bandung over the latter’s March 8 decision to seal the Al-Misbah mosque in Pondok Gede.

“We are asking that the court cancel and revoke the Bekasi mayor’s order to lock the office and the mosque of the Ahmadiyah congregation,” said Pratiwi, a lawyer from the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute representing Ahmadi leader Abdul Basit, adding that the court was now processing the application, which was filed on Wednesday June 5 ………….

“There are many provincial and local decrees. All these decrees are discriminating to religious minorities.”


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  1. At the instigation of religious opponents, the police is seen very busy in locking the office and closing the Mosque Al-Misbah of Pondok Gede so that the local members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community could not pray five times a day nor they could bow their head before the God Almighty,as ordained by the noble decrees of the Creator of our beautiful Universe, all this as an humble act of thankfulness to the most benevolent, merciful Allah, Rabbulalameen. It is hoped that the Court will do justice to the mercilessly prosecuted members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Indonesian roots and their house of worship of God will be unsealed by the same police force which is shown in the picture doing an act no where in the world are done by the law enforcing agency. The Ahmadi Muslims of more than 200 countries of the world are praying and hope that better sense will prevail and their brother-in-faith of Indonesia will get their most basic right to worship God Almighty in Al Misbah Mosque and we would love to see our brothers saying their next Friday prayer in their reopened Mosque, by the blessings of God, InshaAllah. Wassalam.

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