Palestine: The old method of peace will fail again


There is good news and bad news on the Arab-Israeli peacemaking front this week. The good news is that the United States and the Arab League’s ministerial committee seem energized to restart Palestinian-Israeli negotiations. This culminated a few days ago in the Arab clarification that the 2002 Arab peace plan that offered Israel a comprehensive and permanent peace can include minor and mutually agreed land swaps around the 1967 borders.

The most serious is the continued emphasis on the Arab side making concession after concession in order to entice the Israelis to negotiate seriously, without ever getting the Israelis to negotiate seriously.

This perpetuates a problem that has long plagued the Palestinians: the absence of a credible national leadership and the total lack of consultations among the dispersed Palestinians throughout the world.

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  1. What about using a new method: Taking into consideration that a 2-state solution is in fact in Israel’s interest (the alternative will be a one state solution with an Arab majority) if I was Israeli Prime Minister I would ‘impose’ a peace solution on Palestine: “This is your 2-state solution”. Instead we see new words created in the dictionary such as ‘road map’ and peace process’. Let’s see what other new words will be invented. (‘collateral damage’ is already there).

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