Sons of Saudi women married to foreigners get privileges

Ibrahim Naffee ARABNEWS

Wednesday 30 January 2013

JEDDAH: Expatriate fathers who married Saudi women have expressed their happiness over the implementation of the Cabinet’s decision to grant their sons Saudi citizenship privileges.

They said this decision will help them in gaining access to health, education and social services consecrated to Saudi citizens.

The number of Saudi women married to expatriates has reached 584 in the Makkah region, 543 in Riyadh and 490 in the Eastern province. Approximately 2000 Saudi women married foreigners in 2011 according to a recent statistical report released by the Ministry of Justice.

“We aim to enable sons of Saudi women who married foreigners to obtain the Saudi nationality to avoid problems related to their future in the Kingdom. Currently, if a son of a Saudi mother is to marry a Saudi woman, he will find obstacles in obtaining a marriage license from governmental bodies,” said Dr. Hussain Al-Sharief, director of National Society for Human Rights in Jeddah.

Expatriate sons of Saudi women can benefit from Saudi citizenship privileges and remain under the sponsorship of their mothers. The government will deal with this category of residents effectively as Saudis to enable them obtaining deferent public services as education and health, according to the cabinet’s decision.


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