Salam – The forgotten genius: Born 29 January 1926

Dawn: On a hot summer afternoon in 1940, a boy of 14 was rushing on his bicycle to his hometown near Jhang, part of present day Pakistan. He covered his head under a heavy turban because the barber had accidentally shaved off his hair.

When he reached the town, he saw people lined up on either side of the road, greeting him with loud cheers. The boy had earned a distinction in his matriculation examinations; the young genius had broken all previous records within the province, he was Abdus Salam.

Salam was born on January 29, 1926 in Jhang, then a small town in Punjab. After attending Government College, Jhang he went to Government College, Lahore in 1946 where he was awarded a masters degree in Mathematics, securing first place in the College with 95.5 per cent.

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  1. Salaam to Abdus Salam. A humble, selfless and relentless person who worked for betterment of humanity all his life. Today we should review and strengthen, once again, our resolution of “Humanity First”.

    Love for all hatred for none.

  2. Dr Abdus Salam was the only scientist of repute and calibre after ibn al-Haytham, in a span of 1000 years. In his book Ideals and Realities, Salam called ibn al-Haytham ‘my physicist brother’ . Salam’s legacy is his brainchild International centre for theoretical physics in Italy, where hundreds and thousands of Muslim scientist have been trained in modern disciplines. we need to celebrate his birthday in every Islamic country.

  3. Dr.Abdul Salam was a humble shining example for all who want to serve mankind they should follow his footstep.
    We all should try to tell about him to our own children that they must read his biogrphy themselves and try to achieve knowledge of science.

  4. The future generations will not forgive Pakistani establishment for neglecting the contributions of Salam and depriving it’s own nation from development, merely on this plea that,, he belongs to a sect which we don’t own…. How disastrous

    • Dr. Sahib … you may be too optimistic. Future generations might hardly know the name. Just look at Sir Mohammad Zafrullah Khan, the new generation of Pakistanis hardly know his name.

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