Homeopathy is ‘rubbish’, says chief medical officer

Professor Dame Sally Davies said she was “perpetually surprised” homeopathy was provided on the NHS, and branded homeopaths “peddlers.”

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  1. After training in Homeopathy and practicing Homeopathy for over 35 Yrs as s GP in NHS and Privately, I have experienced many successes in several conditions.
    I believe if Homeopathy is practiced after properly assessing the patients and medical condition, one can then decide if Homeopathy used alone or in combination with orthodox (complimentary) is required. Only a medically qualified Doctor can decide.
    There are situation where only allopathic approach is advisable.
    I am against lofty claims in Homeopathy as in some situations it is complimentary and alternative discipline.
    I remember once a middle aged lady was referred to my clinic by our local surgeon, as the lady suffered from recurrent cystitis (E coli infection) and the repeated courses of antibiotics was making life miserable. After going in to details of history I decided to treat her homoeopathically with “constitutional remedy” ( the remedy for the individual), the lady responded to our medication and was surprised at the result. I remember her telling me that physician asked her about the medication. She replied “I don’t care but I am feeling better”.
    The truth of the pudding is in eating.

  2. I agree with Dr. Hameed that the truth of of the pudding is in the eating.
    Until I experienced the healing power of Homeopathic medicine, I was a non believer.
    The doctors had recommended that my son’s tonsils have to be removed but one month of homeo medication completely cured him & he has not have a single episode of tonsillitis for the last 30 yrs! For my lower back severe pain,for a full year the doctors kept me giving strong pain killers, only 3 months of homeo treatment, I have free of pain for the last 25 yrs.
    I can go on & on but I shall stop now!

  3. When in 1974 I moved to North Wales, Hay Fever started in May/June . The following year it started in early spring and lasted the whole Summer. The severity of the attacks every year worsened and Kenalog injections were given to control the condition somewhat. In 1985/6 I learnt from Hadhrat Khalifa-tul Masih IV (r) that a single dose of Lachesis 1m in early spring can cure Hay Fever and indeed it did the trick. Never had Hay Fever ever since.

    In 1990 visited West Africa and boils started on the legs. For years I had been taking antibiotics but they kept coming. Then in 1998 I was treated by a Homoepath with a few doses of Trantula Cubinsis 30 and Alhamdolillah I am completely cured.

    I can go on and on with other examples in the family. I am of the same opinion that what do I care whether it was due to placebo effect or not, as long as it works and has cured the condition what does it matter. And indeed how well said “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

    However it is a great tragedy that eminent people such as Professor Dame Sally Davies have so much prejudice against Homoepathy that they refuse to leven ook at it in a constructive open mind. Thus they shut the door for all the possible potential that Homoepathy may offer to cure disease and serve humanity in parallel with Allopathy.

  4. There is also the story of Sir Mohammed Zafrullah Khan. He was suffering from diabetes. Our beloved Hazoor suggested to him to try homeopathic medicine, which he did. He was cured of diabetes. His English Medical Professor was amazed and did not want to believe it. He requested him if he could kindly pass one day at the hospital for tests. He complied and the Professor had to accept that it worked.

    (While he was lieing in bed in his hospital gown there was a change of shift. One nurse saw an old man named ‘Khan’ in the bed. She asked him: ‘Do you speak English?’ Choudhry Sahib replied: ‘Just a little’. Later on when the Professor came round with his students and introduced Sir Mohammed Zafrullah Khan to his entourage the nurse was very embarrassed. Of course Chaudhry Sahib did not mind and just thought of it as a joke…)

  5. Shall we believe a few anecdotes or The Chief Medical Officer Of the country?
    There is NO PUDDING, but sugar pills, sold to make millions of dollars/pounds.

  6. If one is not willing to learn or carry out reserarch but due to predudice gives fatwa or outrightly rejects something without any knowledge about it, then one is no different to religious bigots who are responsible for so much suffering in the world today.

    Ignorance is the worst enemy for human progress. If one refuses to do research one cannot learn = remaining ignorant. By all means keep your eyes shut, those who are wiling to explore and break new ground will no doubt be rewarded.

    Even one person cured with “sugar pills” is saved from suffering and misery from his/her ailment. That’s what matters.

    In Homoepathic those with open mind are breaking new ground with remarkable results. If one does not want to join in, there are thousands other who are willing and busy doing research in this field. Homeopathy is here to stay!

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