36 Ahmadis ‘convert’ to Sunni Islam??

Thirty six followers of Ahmadiyah “converted” to Sunni Islam during a ceremony conducted at Agung grand mosque in Tasikmalaya, West Java, on Thursday.

“We really appreciate the move from those former Ahmadiyah followers,” said Tasikmalaya Religious Affairs Ministry office head Dadang Romansyah.

Dadang said that the ministry expected more Ahmadiyah followers would change religion and turn to Islam by pronouncing the syahadat (creed) as a sign that they acknowledge true Islamic teaching.

“There have been around 400 out of 3,000 Ahmadiyah followers that have convert to Islam,” Dadang said as quoted by tempo.co.

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  1. The original post states:

    ……..the FPI would initiate a group called the Association of Ahmadiyah Former Victims (Inkasa). “We and the ministry promise to give attention to their financial situation,” he said………….

    And that speaks volumes why these Ahmadis converted at the first place.

  2. Comments from the original post:

    AMYA_Press / Thu, 17/01/2013 – 21:01pm

    This story is misleading. Reciting the Shahadah is the core feature of an Ahmadi Muslim’s belief. Reciting it, therefore, would only reaffirm their status and not amount to a recantation. Furthermore, the people living in this particular area have been heavily persecuted for some time now and so if publicly reciting the Shahadah, which they do several times each day, offers them a break from persecution, then so be it. A similar story was published a couple of years ago and found to be untrue.

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    Dien / Thu, 17/01/2013 – 21:01pm

    None of the other local Ahmadiyah members can confirm about this so far.

    But stating that pronouncing syahadat is their way to “convert” to Islam is really misleading.

    Ahmadiyah follower (Ahmadi) say it at the minimum 9 times a day on Islamic five times prayers. So according to the saying of Holy Prophet saw that one who pronounced syahadat is a muslim, Ahmadis never leave Islam in the first place.

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    Diederik Zwager / Thu, 17/01/2013 – 19:01pm

    Are they being given the option to convert to any other religion, or just to be free from religion?

  3. Amazingly the news has not been reported by any other source except the Jakarta Post; not even by the Jakarta Globe or by Nahdlatul Ulama’s news website.

    Nahdlatul Ulamas is a the Sunni Islam group in Indonesia and the largest independent Islamic organizations in the world.

  4. There are few question on this news. Firstly its credibility. Even if it is true the reason speaks of itself,”We and the ministry promise to give attention to their financial situation,”
    The spiritual condition of such people is apparent. Hence they should go to where they belong. Jamaat will surely become pure of them. Jamaat will face no loss.Because people that enter jamaat only come for spiritual benefit, to give devotion, time , effort and money. To accept the truth one has to sacrifice, comfort, wealth and even life.
    It reminds me of one incidence. once we received a call from a Pakistani None Ahmadi Muslim man,who said, I am in extreme distress. I have a lots of debt, my wife has deceitfully deserted me. Somebody gave me the number of Jamaat Ahmadiyaah. They said you will be able to make me free of debt and arrange marriage anew for me in the jamaat, if I became Ahamdi.
    My husband said, someone has misinformed you Sir. There is no such facility in the Jamaat. If you want to come , come for Taqwa. And come to sacrifice your self, wealth and time.

  5. To me going by the report from Jakarta Post,where so-called Sofyan said “We and the ministry promise to give attention to their financial situation,” …………..and
    Being a minority group among Sunni believers in Indonesia, Ahmadis often received physical and psychological threats from radical Islamic groups”. It means that they left True Islam ul Ahmadiyya because of mullas persecutions and monetary promised.

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