Most Russians and Pakistanis say they prefer a ‘strong ruler’ over democracy: PEW

Washington Post: The Pew global attitudes project, a big set of periodic surveys on everything from economics to religion, is a terrific window into the public opinions and ideas that increasingly guide our world. I’ll be returning to this data over the coming days and weeks, but this one really struck me. Pew asked people in seven countries whether they prefer democratic government or one with a “strong” leader.

The latter choice was more popular in only two countries: Pakistan and Russia. In the other five, democracy is most popular among polled respondents.

Source: Pew Global Attitude

Source: Pew Global Attitude


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  1. The reason why Russians and Pakistanis prefer strong leaders is that democratic leaders are corrupt, incompetent and USA lackeys as Yeltsin and Zardari has amply proved. On the other hand, during Musharaf and Putin, both countries did far better and both did not hoard money.

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