Incitement: Hate speech case lodged against SSP leaders

Source: ET

A case was registered on Saturday against several members of a banned militant organisation Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), calling Shias and inciting violence against them.

The First Information Report was registered at the City police station at Jalalpur Peerwala on the basis of a Special Branch report.

It said that a religious meeting was organised on Friday evening in the Peer Aulia village with permission from police and the district administration. The gathering was chaired and addressed by Maulana Masood Nawaz Jhangvi, son of former SSP president Haq Nawaz Jhangvi.


2 replies

  1. “A police official speaking on anonymity said the accused have fled” Surely with concurrence of local law enforcing agencies. Leaders of SSP are mistaken. Shias are not like Ahmadies who do not retaliate because they believe in love and peace and has a spiritual leader to guide the community in turmoils. If mass provocation abrupt ed against Shias that will lead to end of the integration of the nation. This what agenda is with anti Pakistani international stake holders. CJ does not have time to address this menace for the reasons best known to him. In spite of very loud hue and cry why strict actions are not taken against such hate mongers is beyond the perception of ordinary Pakistani. Oh Allah make the Pakistani power elite to understand this point. Amin

  2. Nawaz Sharif and his party rulers also closed their eyes to flagrant abusive banners in their cities. PML(N) will suffer on many counts.
    It may be SSP or any other org, no one is allowed to kill any Muslim or Hindu or Shia or Ahmadi or Sikh just for the sake of their beliefs. Islam does not allow it. Perhaps the killers are on some one’s payroll or agenda. Surely it is not the agenda of Islam. Governments should take strict action against any hate speech. Otherwise, the governments will go away with the hate speeches.
    Political parties cannot allow lawlessness just because they need some votes. The parties should shunt out any senior hate mongering members from their party, or at least should warn them.

    Shias will definitely retaliate. In 1984-85, Ziaul Haque wanted to extract Zakat from the Shias. The Shias announced that a yazeed was sitting in Islamabad. They ordered every Shia to carry a large knife and head for Islamabad.
    President Ziaul Haque was frightened and soon had to withdraw his orders.

    I was suited booted roaming in Islamabad with family. My car was stopped by six police officers. One of them looked at me for long time and then asked “Are you Shia?” I had a good laugh.

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