1 dead, 7 injured in Toronto mall shooting

Source: CNN

One person was killed and seven others injured Saturday when shots were fired at the Eaton Centre shopping mall in Toronto, police said.

Six of the victims suffered gunshot wounds and one was grazed by a bullet, they said. The eighth victim was a pregnant woman who was knocked to the ground in the melee and suffered minor injuries. Two of the victims are in critical condition, including a 13-year-old boy, police said.

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  1. Alas! such kind of bad/sad news and painful events make us feel deeply wounded in mind, soul and spirit. These sort of events,in recent past, were not even thought or imagined in the otherwise a very peaceful, calm quite civilized society, always regarded as ideal, worthy to be emulated by others. In view of all this, I wish and pray that in future no such insane, inhuman act is ever enacted in your peaceful atmosphere and we further pray that God Almighty guides and helps you to revert back to the original conditions of peaceful, peace-loving multicultural society, irrespective of all natural/ social differences, you may all feel ‘ONE’ and enjoy the cherished goals of peaceful, safety/security of life in and around your beautiful motherland and that every one of you feels satisfied for having been able to live a successful life as hoped/aspired by all with the full enjoyment of all basic human rights, including the most central one, the right of the freedom of human conscience. InshaAllah, God willing,Ameen.

  2. I think it is a shame we do not have a amendment or a constitutional law that allows us to buy, own or carry guns such as the United States whereas many Muslims have been attacked and are not able to shoot back and we find ourselves dependent on what are mostly white catholic people such as the police to defend us when in fact in the city of Toronto they look away and do not get involved, I had been close to being jumped by a a gang of African immigrant Christians who wanted money who had Guns and Knives also on another occasion I have seen people sell crack right in front of the Toronto police officers and yet all they do is stare down Muslims, or drive their vehicles fast then jam their breaks repeatedly to intimidate people, I also have it on tape, So I stop going to the city but it is unfortunate that I was actually born in Toronto, I grew up in America where i never had a problem finding protection, If I had the ability where I could purchase a Gun and defend myself from these non-Muslims rather then be dependent upon the police who are not always around or look away I would feel much more secure, Also where are these kids getting guns from? their church? Synagog? temple? their Military cousins and uncles, retired hells angels bikers in Ontario? I could not even buy a Gun anywhere in Ontario from 2006-2009 when I was looking, they just won’t sell it to us and It really sucks when people that do not like you own a gun and can intimidate or flash it or even shoot you when you have nothing and cannot shoot back, it is unfair and I do not trust the Toronto Police they are just as corrupt and allow these christian groups (gangs) in the city to intimidate others and shoot people whereas Muslims in America are at least able to shoot back by having access to GUNS.

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