Women’s forum expects to draw over 1,500 delegates


JEDDAH: The third Saudi Women of Tomorrow forum aims to enable women to participate actively in the Kingdom’s development. More than 1,500 delegates are expected to take part in the largest conference of Saudi women, to be inaugurated by Princess Seeta bint Abdullah at Dar Al-Hekma College on May 12.

The forum aims at empowering women and encouraging them to participate actively in the Kingdom’s development as well as to raise the level of intellectual and cultural understanding of women leaders. Twenty distinguished Saudi women speakers will address this third interactive forum organized by ODEC Consultants as part of its social responsibility. “The main objective of this forum is to spread a sense of achievement among Saudi women to enable them to participate effectively in the country’s development process,” said Lama Al-Ghalayini, president of the forum. “It will have six interactive sessions conducted by highly qualified women professionals.”

Speakers will also highlight the successful achievements of Saudi women. “This year we have invited Salwa Al-Hazza, who has been selected by Forbes magazine as the most powerful Arab woman, and Arwa Al-Aama, vice mayor of Jeddah, to inspire women,” Al-Ghalayini said.

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