The Holy Quran as the living Miracle of the Holy Prophet

The Holy Quran is the living Miracle of the Holy Prophet Muhammad!  It continues to yield fruit in diverse ways in all times as in our own blog we have seen the testimony of our own Associate Chief Editor, Mohammad Rafiq Ahmad Tschannen, a Swiss national, who converted to Islam at the age of 15 after reading Sura Fateha and the last ten chapters of the Holy Quran.

Whereas, the Christian dogma are based on the stories from 2000 years ago and supposed testimony of the eye-witnesses, Islam is a living and dynamic religion that yields its fruits in all seasons and times, past, present and future.

In the 21st century residents of a European country, namely the Swiss voters have backed a ban on building any more mosques with minarets in their country.  The Holy Quran, revealed in the desert of Arabia in the seventh century stated that the purpose of defensive warfare is to preserve the sanctity of cloisters, churches, synagogues and mosques.  The Quran named the place of worship of the Muslims as the last on this sacred list.  Is the Quran a miracle or not?

Religious tolerance is not the only teaching wherein the Holy Quran excels all other secular books or religious scriptures.  Since 1982 half a million people have died in USA alone in alcohol related traffic accidents, to name only one problem from alcohol.  The Holy Quran emphatically forbade alcohol, saving the believers from this mother of many evils.  Is it a miracle or not? Sir Godfrey Higgins wrote, “By the law of Mohamed all games of chance were expressly prohibited: the beneficial tendency of this law surely no one will deny. He is refused all merit for his morality, because it is said that he only copied it from the Bible. I have not observed the prohibition of this vice either in the decalogue or the gospels.” Fifteen million people now display some sign of gambling addiction in USA, and inflict themselves and the society with pain.  The Holy Quran nipped the evil in the bud.  Is it a miracle or not?  

“Mohamedism is reproached with copying its morality from the gospel;”  Sir Godfrey Higgins wrote in the defense of the Prophet, “a philosopher, perhaps, may suspect that when the prophet was availing himself of the excellent moral precepts of Christianism, he had sense, not only to take the good, but to leave the evil; to adopt the morality, but to avoid the hired priesthood which, in his day, had filled the world with bloodshed and misery, and was rapidly reducing it to a state of the most debasing ignorance.” The Holy Quran forbade monasticism in clear terms.  Fourteen hundred years later the Catholic Church is following suit in their negotiation with the Anglican Church.  Every time we contrast the Holy Quran with the Bible, the Quran comes out ahead.  Is it a miracle or not?  

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