The Animals’ Lawsuit Against Humanity: 10th century Arabic animal’s rights awareness an inspiration for modern day activists


The story of The Animals’ Lawsuit against Humanity was written down in Basra in around 980AD by the community of philosophers called the Iqhwan al Safa wa Khillan al-Wafa, or the Brethren of Sincerity and Friendship.

There is an island set in the Green Sea ruled by the King of the Spirits where animals live in harmony with each other and with nature. One day a ship carrying people from all the nations of the world is wrecked offshore. The surviving humans capture some of the animals and put them to work, kill some for food, and use their skins and fur, all without permission. The animals that escape bring a lawsuit against the humans to the court of the king. Their argument is that humans need to co-exist with animals and not to think that they can treat them as slaves. The humans argue for discipline and order saying that they are naturally superior because they have souls, intelligence… and walk upright.

The king sends everyone away for the night, saying he will hear the case the next day. The animals determine to enlist support from all living creatures, and emissaries are sent across the island.

Animals’ Lawsuit Project

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