PVV intimidates academic lecturer, no offence to freedom of speech

An official lecture on ‘controversial but relevant themes’ for Noord-Holland province has been cancelled following protests from the anti-Islam PVV, the Volkskrant reports on Friday.

The Willem Arondéus lecture, named after the artist and World War II resistance fighter, should have been given by cultural historian and writer Thomas von der Dunk on the theme ‘the new taboo about the war’.

‘The CDA and VVD representatives told me that there were a number of party political sections in the speech which were not positive for the PVV,’ the paper quotes Brinkman as saying.

‘I then said ‘if you give that anti-semite Von der Dunk a podium to attack the PVV, I will not only chop him off at the ankles during the debate but it might be the last Willem Arondéus speech altogether’.’

Brinkman denied his position was damaging to freedom of speech.

The lecture identifies the PVV to be opposed to the Constitutional State and compares it to the Nazi party, its Nazi Jewish Conspiracy theory to the PVV’s Eurabia Caliphate theory, and the PVV propaganda about Taqiyya to the ideas on the Protocols of Sion.

Hero Brinkman, former police officer, has a history of intimidation even with physical violence.

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