Iran to Open Trade Center in Brazil

“Given the expansion of Iran and Brazil’s ties and Iranian companies’ demand for having a foothold in this country’s market which has 200 million population as well as the Brazilian companies’ enthusiasm for developing cooperation with the Iranian companies, the association is seeking to set up an Iranian trade center in Brazil in a bid to facilitate the ties,” Mo’meni told FNA.

“Establishment of the trade center will be a remarkable help to the expansion of economic ties with Brazil,” he stressed, and announced that the center will start work late in July.

In February, Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota announced his country’s eagerness to further strengthen the friendly relations with Iran and continue the policies of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Tehran.

Iran and Brazil had friendly ties when Lula was president, and Patriota said the new government would maintain the same level of relations with Iran, stating, “Rousseff will stay on the path of her predecessor and mentor Lula da Silva.” Read more

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