New quakes rock New Zealand’s Christchurch

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (AFP) – A series of powerful earthquakes, including one of magnitude 6.0, rocked New Zealand’s stricken city of Christchurch on Monday causing further damage. More buildings came down and there was severe disruption to electricity and water supplies, with Christchurch still recovering from the destruction of the […]

Land of ups and downs: Armenia

Capital city Yerevan with Mount Arafat in the background At Eastertide we usually go to unusual places in the pursuit of archaeology. This year it was the turn of Armenia, an unusual place perched in the Caucasus. It is slightly smaller than Belgium, with a population of around three million. […]

More than 5,000 flee as winds stoke Arizona fires

(CNN) — A fast-moving wildfire that has sent thousands fleeing in eastern Arizona is the second-largest blaze in the history of the state, records show. The so-called Wallow Fire sweeping through Apache National Forest has burned approximately 389,000 acres, Incident commander Joe Reinarz told reporters Tuesday. That surpasses the 2005 Cave […]

Radar reveals Greenland bedrock

by Marc-André Miserez, Antennas developed by Swiss scientists have sounded ice layers in Antarctica up to several kilometres thick, as well as the rocks underneath. This is of interest not only to geologists and climatologists attempting to measure the effects of global warming on Earth’s ice-covered regions, but also […]