Earthquakes: The map

Source: USGS.GOV Seems like everyday, there is another earthquake. Here is a map of all tracked events. Earthquakes – 7732 in last 30 days M Location Click event below for details Time UTC Lat Lon D km 1.4 10km ESE of Cloverdale, California 2012-09-07 11:57:16 38.772°N 122.900°W 5.9 1.7 58km […]

Satellites reveal sudden Greenland ice melt

Source BBC The surface of Greenland’s massive ice sheet has melted this month over an unusually large area, Nasa has said. Scientists said the “unprecedented” melting took place over a larger area than has been detected in three decades of satellite observation. Melting even occurred at Greenland’s coldest and highest […]

Excuse me: Gassy dinosaurs helped warm Earth

Source: The Herald Potty humor just got prehistoric. A new study suggests that dinosaurs may have helped keep an already overheated world warmer with their flatulence and burps 200 million years ago. The research published Monday in Current Biology suggests that large dinosaurs made a significant contribution to the greenhouse […]

Mega volcanoes may be predicted

Source: BBC The eruption of some of the largest volcanoes on the planet could be predicted several decades before the event, according to researchers. Analysis of rock crystals from the Greek island of Santorini suggests eruptions are preceded by a fast build-up of magma underground, which might be detected using […]