The Vatican Celibacy Debate

Source: The Spiegel It’s shortly before daybreak and all is quiet inside the Vatican’s walls. The cardinals still seem to be sleeping in their generously apportioned official apartments. Flickering votive candles illuminate an empty Campo Santo Teutonico. In the pope’s quarters, though, the lights are already on. The first intercession […]

Should pastors be political?

Source: CT It makes fascinating reading. In states where a lot of non-profits start campaigning against gay marriage and abortion – causes dear to the hearts of conservatives – people are more likely to answer ‘none’ when asked about their religious faith. And it is a delicious irony that the […]

Who is trolling the Pope?

Source: BBC I was shocked when I saw them. I was sitting just a few rows behind a nun on a tram, when it stopped alongside some posters of a stern-looking Pope Francis. Underneath his glum, almost menacing face, was a list of complaints: he’d removed priests, ignored the concerns of […]

New Dead Sea Scrolls cave discovered

Source: BBC Archaeologists have found a cave that once housed Dead Sea scrolls in a cliff in the Judean desert – the first such discovery in over 60 years. Israel’s Hebrew University said the ancient parchments were missing from the cave, and were probably looted by Bedouin in the 1950s. Storage jars, […]

Peace must be more than a theory

Source: CNA “Millions of people still live in the midst of senseless conflicts,” he said, noting that we are frequently bombarded “by images of death, by the pain of innocent men, women and children,” as well as by the grief of those who have lost loved ones due to violence […]

…Jesus is dead.

The Truth Message – Part – 1: … Jesus is dead. Period. Tomb of Jesus found in Kashmir (It’s proved & confirmed) Proofs are indeed available now to confirm that Jesus had survived crucifixion and traveled towards India to continue his ministry among the Tribes of Israel, as he was commissioned, […]