India: Chittoor Mayor Anuradha shot dead; her husband critical

Posted by: Vicky Nanjappa Tuesday November 17, 2015Read more at: http://www.oneindia.com/india/chittoor-mayor-anuradha-shot-dead-her-husband- Hyderabad, Nov 17: In a shocking incident, Anuradha the Mayor of Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh was shot dead on Tuesday. Her husband Mohan who was also shot at is said to be in a critical condition. The police have launched an investigation and […]

In Defense of Understanding ISIS

Huff Post: by Matthew D. Taylor — In the third Democratic primary debate on Saturday, moderator John Dickerson asked Hillary Clinton a pointed foreign policy question about the apparent ISIS attacks in Paris: …you gave a speech at Georgetown University in which you said, that it was important to show, […]

Commandment 646 – Say, ‘Bring forward your witnesses who testify that Allah has forbidden this.’ If they bear witness, bear thou not witness with them …

[6:151] Say, ‘Bring forward your witnesses who testify that Allah has forbidden this.’ If they bear witness, bear thou not witness with them, nor follow thou the evil inclinations of those who treat Our Signs as lies and those who believe not in the Hereafter and who set up equals to […]

Invisible victims

Nov 16,2015 – JORDAN TIMES Everyone made nice when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington last week. It was make up time. The administration sought to demonstrate that despite what the president referred to as their “minor difference” over the Iran deal, there were no remaining hard feelings. Three quarters […]

Book Review: Islam and the Future of Tolerance

Religion and Radicalism: ‘Religion, Scripture Doesn’t Have Its Own Voice, Human Interpretation Is Everything’ By Irshad Manji 11 November 2015 Islam and the Future of Tolerance A Dialogue Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz Harvard University Press Pages 138; price $17.95 —– Not In God’s Name Confronting Religious Violence Jonathan Sacks […]

Why France? 5 reasons

Floowers and candles left near the scene of one of the attacks in Paris. (Photo: © Reuters) Clarionproject.org In the wake of the terrorist attacks which killed at least 129 in Paris on Friday, people are asking why France in particular was targeted by the Islamic State. The Islamic State detests the […]

Terrorism Is Not A Religious Act

Huff Post: by Rev Dr. Chuck Currie — “Nous sommes tous des Français aujourd’hui.” Across the world, we watch with sadness the news from Paris. The people of France are hurting and so we are hurting too. Nothing can justify the attacks which occurred today. They are, as President Obama […]