Bangladesh honours Krishna Menon

  Forty years after its Liberation War, Bangladesh Government has honoured former Defence Minister V K Krishna Menon posthumously at a ceremony attended by the Bangladesh President and Prime Minister in Dhaka, thus formally recognising his contribution to their war of Independence. Menon’s grand niece Radha Anand Menon and her […]

Islamic Influence on European Science

By Zakaria Virk, Toronto According to traditional western writers, all science and civilization is derived from Greek heritage i.e. 6th centry BC to 2nd century AD. This heritage was lost during the Dark Ages i.e. 5-15th century AD, recovered during the European Renaissance -15-16th centuries, and revived for our modern […]

Hindu idols vandalised in Bangladesh

At least eight idols of Hindu gods and goddesses were vandalised by unidentified miscreants in Bangladesh, a media report said Friday. A group of people broke into the community puja pandal at a village in Bangladesh’s Natore district early Friday and damaged the newly-carved idols of goddesses Durga, and Lakshmi, […]

European Council Calls for Circumcision Ban

Arutz Sheva: The European Council calls circumcision of children a violation of human rights, calls for legal ban until age 15. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a pan-European group, has passed a resolution condemning circumcision of children as a violation of human rights, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency […]

Calgary imam to Muslims: “Go home”

Calgary imam to Muslims: “Go home” By Farzana Hassan ,Toronto Sun First posted: Thursday, September 26, 2013 08:19 PM EDT | Updated: Thursday, September 26, 2013 08:23 PM EDT A prominent Calgary imam, Syed Soharwardy of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, recently declared that many Muslims should go back […]

Pakistan Church Bombings and Nairobi Mall Attack are Al-Qaida’s retaliation for Obama’s Syrian military proposal?

Source:  The Daily Beast Pakistani Church Bombing Kills Dozens http://www.thedailybeast.com/galleries/2013/09/23/pakistani-church-bombing-kills-dozens-photos.html#0414f32e-1388-47e0-8d46-01ba0ea355b6 Were Americans Among the Al-Shabab Nairobi Mall Attackers? by Jamie DettmerSep 23, 2013 5:45 AM EDT Somalia’s al Qaeda affiliate says three Americans joined its assault on an upscale shopping mall in Nairobi that left at least 68 dead. Jamie […]

Sardar family punjabi joke

Subject: : Sardar Family Google kaur A Sardar introduces his family: Meri Beevi da naam Google Kaur. Ik sawal pucho 10 jawab.. … Facebook singh Mera puttar, Facebook Singh. Ghar diyan saariyan gallan pooray muhallay nu dasda phirda.. Twitter Kaur Aay meri Beti Twitter Kaur. Sara mohallah enu follow karda. […]