Nigeria: Ahmadiyya Produces Two Professors, PhD’s, Four First Class Honours The Ahmadiyya Muslim jamaat ,Nigeria, has justified its pioneering status as champion of western and secular education in Nigeria as it produces two Professors in the Animal Science and Clinical Pharmacology, two Ph.D in Islamic Law and Educational Foundation, seven Masters graduates, and four First Class Honours in Mathematics,Biochemistry,Anthropology,Plant […]

Nigeria: Commissioning of Jamia Ahmadiyya Library

Nigeria: Commissioning of Jamia Ahmadiyya Library Courtesy: Kabir Adeseye Ade, Muallim Nigeria WELCOME SPEECH BY THE SADR MAJLIS ANSARULLAH NIGERIA, ALHAJI M. B. ODUKOYA DURING THE COMMISSIONING OF JAMIA LIBRARY ON SUNDAY, 23RD NOVEMBER 2015 Amir Sahib, Members of National Aamila here present, Distinguished Guests, Fellow Ansars, Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah […]