Iran delivers major blow to the CIA

Source :Asiatimes on line. By – Mahan Abedin Iran’s claim last week to have arrested 12 spies from the Central Intelligence Agency has been grudgingly confirmed by United States officials, suggesting a major CIA defeat if not a full-blown disaster. ATol sources in Tehran confirm the embarrassing outcome is the […]

Iran: ‘Totally unacceptable behavior’

President Obama calls the occupation of the British Embassy in Teheran as a ‘totally unacceptable behavior’. I agree. But let us look at other ‘totally unacceptable behavior’ versus ‘absolutely acceptable behavior’: ‘Unacceptable’: Entering a diplomatic mission in protest. ‘Acceptable’: Embargo including cutting banking and airline relations, where first of all […]

Iranian protest leads to embassy incursion

Source: CNN Tehran, Iran (CNN) — Iranian students stormed the British Embassy in Tehran Tuesday, breaking down the door, throwing around papers and replacing the British flag with an Iranian one. Iran’s state-run Press TV reported that police had the incident under control, but Britain’s Foreign Office called the situation […]

World changing, civil society advancing

By ALI BLUWI ARABNEWS Arab citizens are fed up with the West’s ideology as well as double standards Many pundits and analysts ponder the reasons that made the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 the breaking point in the Middle East. This transformative period led to instability, particularly […]

Realism and leadership – It seems only Saudi Arabia can balance Iran’s political, military threat in the Gulf

By HASSAN BARARI, ARABNEWS Over the last six decades, regional security and stability have dominated the Saudi foreign policy. Indeed, the centrality of these themes in Saudi thinking has pushed the regime to establish close strategic partnerships with various countries to create a regional environment conducive to peace, stability, and […]

Embarrassment for Berlin

Source: Iranian Airline Buys Chancellor Merkel’s Retired Jet On its website, Iranian airline Mahan Air (“The Spirit of Excellence”) counts five Boeing 747s and 27 Airbus aircraft among its fleet. The fact that sanctions against the country make maintenance of the jets extraordinarily difficult, however, is not addressed. Still, Mahan […]

US creates an Iranian albatross

Source:  Asia Times: Iran has reacted sharply to a joint United States and Saudi Arabia bid for a United Nations resolution accusing it violating diplomatic treaties and calling on Tehran to cooperate in ongoing investigations into shaky allegations of a terror plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington. American […]