Iran’s legal right to attack Israel

Source: Asiatimes on line: By Kaveh L Afrasiabi PALO ALTO, California – After years of living in the shadow of an Israeli military strike, Iran is now openly contemplating the idea of pre-emptive strike, in light of Israel’s preparedness for imminent attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Citing a right to […]

When Meir Dagan speaks …

Credit: Asiatimes on Line: Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan has undermined the Israeli leadership’s “Bomb Iran” campaign by explaining how “rational” Tehran’s leadership is in the calculated language of the intelligence community. Dagan knows the real security implications of a regional war and that current tensions were born out of […]

Amid Iran war of words, Palestinians are forgotten

By NOAH BROWNING | REUTERS ARABNEWS RAMALLAH, West Bank: A monumental wooden chair erected in Ramallah to symbolize the Palestinians’ sought-after United Nations seat collapsed this week after months of wind and rain. Bulldozers quietly took away the shattered remains by night. It’s collapse and stealthy removal could well serve […]

Obama gets Iran right, finally

Credit: Asia Times: By M K Bhadrakumar The results of Friday’s election for Iran’s parliament, the Majlis, generate a political climate in Tehran that augurs well for the commencement of talks over the nuclear issue. The US administration senses this. The big issue is whether President Barack Obama can carry […]

The problems facing Muslim nations

By KHALID ALNOWAISER, ARABNEWS I recognize well this is very sensitive subject because human nature prefers not to hear the truth and simply wants to receive good news even at the expense of reality. However, let’s be frank: Most Islamic countries are being left behind in social progress as compared […]

Iran increasing ‘secret aid’ to Syria

TEHRAN: Iran is stepping up its military and intelligence support for Syrian government troops in their crackdown against opposition strongholds, The Washington Post reported late Saturday. Citing three unnamed US officials with access to intelligence reports from the region, the newspaper said Tehran had increased supplies of arms and other […]