Obama gets Iran right, finally

Credit: Asia Times: By M K Bhadrakumar The results of Friday’s election for Iran’s parliament, the Majlis, generate a political climate in Tehran that augurs well for the commencement of talks over the nuclear issue. The US administration senses this. The big issue is whether President Barack Obama can carry […]

The problems facing Muslim nations

By KHALID ALNOWAISER, ARABNEWS I recognize well this is very sensitive subject because human nature prefers not to hear the truth and simply wants to receive good news even at the expense of reality. However, let’s be frank: Most Islamic countries are being left behind in social progress as compared […]

Iran increasing ‘secret aid’ to Syria

TEHRAN: Iran is stepping up its military and intelligence support for Syrian government troops in their crackdown against opposition strongholds, The Washington Post reported late Saturday. Citing three unnamed US officials with access to intelligence reports from the region, the newspaper said Tehran had increased supplies of arms and other […]

Tough US warning on Iran gas pipeline

WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned on Wednesday that the Iran gas pipeline project was “inexplicable” and could invoke US sanctions that would further ‘undermine’ Pakistan’s ‘already shaky’ economy. Source: Anwar Iqbal, DownCom Earlier, Congressman John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, drew Secretary Clinton’s attention to the Pakistan-Iran gas […]

Israeli poll undercuts Netanyahu on Iran

Credit: Asiatimes: By Jim Lobe WASHINGTON – As top US and Israeli officials prepare for a crucial set of meetings, a new survey finds little backing among the Israeli public for a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities without Washington’s approval. Only about one in five Israelis (19% ) favor […]

Diplomacy to seal Iran’s fate

Credit:Asia Times on Line: By Victor Kotsev While the rhetoric between Iran and its enemies has reached new heights – with Iran’s defense minister reportedly threatening the use of “hidden capabilities which are kept for rainy days” in response to a foreign attack – the diplomatic front is also busier […]

US, Iran inching toward talks

Credit: Asia Times: By M K Bhadrakumar The foreplay is nearing completion on the Iran situation. The surest sign is that there were no serious takers in Western capitals for the Israeli smear campaign this week that Tehran’s agents had been going about placing bombs in New Delhi, Tbilisi and […]

Attack on Iran easier said than done

Credit:Asiatimes: By David Isenberg WASHINGTON – Despite renewed media speculation regarding possible Israeli attacks against Iran’s nuclear facilities as early as this spring, skepticism that such a campaign could actually be successfully carried out remains relatively high, raising the question of whether there is more bark than bite to Israeli […]

US wants SWIFT war on Iran

Credit: Asiatimes: By Pepe Escobar What was the parade of European poodles thinking – that Tehran would just roll over and absorb the European Union’s oil embargo, scheduled to start on July 1?  No wonder Brussels was caught as a Gucci deer in the headlights when the news started to […]

Israel’s other reasons to bomb Iran

By OSAMA AL SHARIF US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta predicts that Israel will direct a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities “in April, May or June,” according to David Ignatius, the widely-circulated Washington Post columnist. In the view of many Western analysts, Israel has taken the decision to bomb Iran […]

Germany warns Israel against Iran attack

Press TV Germany’s Defense Minister has warned Tel Aviv against any military adventurism in Iran amid the escalating anti-Iran war rhetoric by the US and the Israeli regime. Thomas de Maiziere insisted in a Saturday interview with Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung that the success of such an effort against the Islamic […]