Turkey warns against Shiite-Sunni cold war

Reuters | Jan 05,2012 | 23:55 ANKARA — Middle East powerhouse Turkey on Wednesday warned against a sectarian cold war in the region and said rising Sunni-Shiite tensions would be “suicide” for the whole region. “Let me openly say that there are some willing to start a regional Cold War,” […]

Crimes committed in the name of Al-Qaeda

Not surprisingly, different countries resort to using scarecrow tactics to keep internal differences at bay. Over the last decade, different players have created Al-Qaeda bogey for various political agendas. For instance, the United States exploited the issue of this radical organization in the running up to elections, Iran capitalized on […]

Iran and the Strait

Source: NY Times: Iran’s threat to shut the Strait of Hormuz— one-fifth of the world’s oil trade passes through there — if the United States and Europe press ahead with new sanctions is unacceptable. The Obama administration is right to signal, in deliberately moderated ways, that Washington will not back […]

Playing chess in Eurasia

Source: Asiatimes on Line By Pepe Escobar Bets are off on which is the great story of 2011. Is it the Arab Spring(s)? Is it the Arab counter-revolution, unleashed by the House of Saud? Is it the “birth pangs” of the Greater Middle East remixed as serial regime changes? Is […]

How Iran outsmarted the US on Iraq

Source: Asiatimes. By Gareth Porter WASHINGTON – United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s suggestion that the end of the US troop presence in Iraq was part of a US military success story ignores the fact that the George W Bush administration and the US military had planned to maintain a […]