The Pentagon Says Even Its Biggest Bomb Isn’t Enough To Reach Iran’s Nuclear Labs The Massive Ordnance Penetrator bomb made news last week when its development team won rare accolades and news of a possible target were reported by The Telegraph. It was understood then that there were doubts whether the 30,000 pound bomb would penetrate deeply enough to hit Iran’s alleged nuclear facilities. Adam Entous and Julian […]

The Iranian oil embargo blowback

Credit: Asia Times By Pepe Escobar If the sorry parade of European poodles – or what analyst Chris Floyd delightfully dubbed Europuppies – had any understanding of Persian culture, they would have known that blowback for their declaration of economic war in the form of an Iranian oil embargo would […]

All that glitters is … oil

Source: Asia Times By Pepe Escobar In his State of the Union address, United States President Barack Obama said, “Let there be no doubt: America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and I will take no options off the table to achieve that goal.” In the […]

Europe at war with Iran

Source: Asia Times. By Pepe Escobar No one ever lost money betting on the foolishness of European Union (EU) politicos. And if you are an oil trader, rejoice – all the way to the bank; as expected, EU foreign ministers – meekly following the Barack Obama administration – have given […]

The Real Threat in the Middle East

Islamic political parties don’t endanger democracy. Powerful leaders do by Fareed Zakaria As 2011 was coming to a close, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a remarkable speech to his parliament. Assessing the Arab Spring barely a year after it had begun, Netanyahu announced triumphantly that it had failed, that […]

UK revokes license of Press TV

By ASSOCIATED PRESS ARAB NEWS Published: Jan 20, 2012 23:17 Updated: Jan 20, 2012 23:17 LONDON: Britain’s telecoms regulator on Friday revoked the license of Iranian state-owned television station Press TV, and said the channel would disappear from UK TV screens by the end of the day. Ofcom said it […]

Dangerous Tension With Iran

Source: NY Times With tensions rising over Iran’s nuclear program, the Obama administration has now warned the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, that Iran’s threat to close the Strait of Hormuz would provoke an American response. Earlier this week, international monitors confirmed that Iran has begun enriching uranium at a […]