Facebook Password Debate Stirs Concern

Source: Information Week Recent controversy over prospective employers requesting Facebook credentials has dredged up some big social questions. There has been a lot of fallout from recent stories, including my own, recounting the experiences of prospective employees who were asked to hand over their Facebook credentials during the job interview […]

Germany Trying to Cut Publishers In on Web Profits

  Source: NY Times.   PARIS — In a move aimed at helping newspapers generate new revenue from struggling online operations, the German government intends to require search engines and other Internet companies to pay publishers whose content they highlight. The German governing coalition, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic […]

Researchers crack online encryption system

Source:   An online encryption method widely used to protect banking, email, e-commerce and other sensitive Internet transactions is not as secure as assumed, according to a report issued by a team of U.S and European cryptanalysts. The researchers reviewed millions of public keys used by websites to encrypt online transactions, […]

A New Question of Internet Freedom

Source: NY Times.   PARIS — European activists who participated in American Internet protests last month learned that there was political power to be harnessed on the Web. Now they are putting that knowledge to use in an effort to defeat new global rules for intellectual property. In the U.S. […]