Map of the Internet

Source: Fast Company To Ruslan Enikeev, the Internet is “nature, sky, space, science, and fractals”–an image he shares on his website, The Internet Map, which uses an association algorithm and a Google Maps front end to show 350,000 sites as their own universe. “For other people data and math is […]

Pulling the plug

by Jean-Claude Elias | Aug 10, 2012 | JORDAN TIMES A joke currently circulating on the web: One evening a teenager and his mother were sitting cozily, talking about life and death. Teenager: “Mom, seriously, I think euthanasia makes perfect sense. Don’t you ever let me live like a vegetable […]

Only very few Universities in Islamic countries are among the 400 best Universities of the world.

Here is a link to the world’s best universities: Glancing through the list I found only 7 Universities among the world’s best 400 that are located in Islamic countries, 3 of them in Malaysia, one each in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE and Oman. I saw ‘King Saud University’ as […]

Big Google is Watching You

Source: Forbes. One way or another Google has a problem. Last week, the company released a full FCC report about its surreptitious collection of data from millions of unsecured Wi-Fi connections, using software developed six years ago for Street View, a multi-purpose technology that provides a direct view of virtually […]

Google Drive’s Six Substantial Slip-ups

Source: PC Magazine. By David Murphy The dust on the Drive has settled — Google Drive, that is — and users finally have the chance to play around with the company’s new cloud storage system, one that’s designed to, “work seamlessly with your overall Google experience.” Seamless, perhaps. But perfect? […]