How much of happiness is under our control? How can we make the most of it?

Happiness doesn’t just make us feel good; it can also objectively improve our lives: A recent and comprehensive meta-analysis revealed a wide variety of benefits that accrue from positive emotion and well-being, including greater career success, better relationship functioning, increased creativity, enhanced physical health, and even longer life expectancy(Lyubomirsky, King, […]

Genetic Code of World’s Oldest Person

AMSTERDAM –  A Dutch woman who held the title of the world’s oldest person when she died, aged 115, credited her longevity to a daily meal of herring, not smoking and limiting her alcohol intake. Six years later, however, scientists hope her genes may provide a better answer — and […]

Are Genes Our Destiny?

Scientists Discover ‘Hidden’ Code in DNA Evolves More Rapidly Than Genetic Code ScienceDaily (Sep. 16, 2011) — A “hidden” code linked to the DNA of plants allows them to develop and pass down new biological traits far more rapidly than previously thought, according to the findings of a groundbreaking study […]

Japan has 47,700 centenarians

Number of centenarians hits new high in Japan TOKYO — The number of people aged 100 or older in rapidly greying Japan has hit a record high for the 41st consecutive year, the government said Tuesday. The health ministry said 37 out of every 100,000 people in the country are […]

British men may have a hunter-gatherer past

New study contradicts previous research that they came from farmer lineage British men may trace their lineage back to hunter-gatherers, not farmers as had previously been suspected. A new genetic lineage study finds that, contrary to previous research, British men do not descend from immigrant farmers who migrated west from […]