The Ecology of Disease

Source: NT Times.   By JIM ROBBINS Published: July 14, 2012 THERE’S a term biologists and economists use these days — ecosystem services — which refers to the many ways nature supports the human endeavor. Forests filter the water we drink, for example, and birds and bees pollinate crops, both […]

Why girls are the solution to ‘overpopulation’

By NOWELL SUKKAR BLACKLAW ARABNEWS In the midst of rapid, constant and never-ending change it is easy to overlook one of the fundamental causes at the core of many social, economic and environmental problems… “overpopulation.” Demographers, environmentalists and scientists estimate that the earth has the capacity to support and sustain […]

Women Are Best At Being Buddies

ScienceDaily (Mar. 8, 2007) — A four-year study by sociologists at The University of Manchester has found that women are much more likely than men to make deep and lasting friendships. The investigation into social networks by the University’s Research Centre for Socio-Cultural Change found that men are more fickle and […]

Male and Female Behavior Deconstructed

ScienceDaily (Feb. 2, 2012) — Hormones shape our bodies, make us fertile, excite our most basic urges, and as scientists have known for years, they govern the behaviors that separate men from women. But how? Now a team of scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has uncovered many […]

Is that a gun in your genes?

Genes can predict criminal tendencies: study Is that a gun in your genes or are you just opportunistic? A new U.S. study suggests the line between a life of crime and an honest existence could have more to do with your genetic makeup than your environment. Researchers from University of […]