Faith and Europe’s enlightenment

Credit: Express Tribune: The Dark Ages is the period Europe spent in ignorance of Greek knowledge. How did Europe get out of this period? We saw last week —  in my oped titled “A brief history of modernity” published in this newspaper on March 18 — how the foundations of […]

Feeling ‘Blue Like Jazz’

A few days ago I got to see a sneak preview screening of the movie “Blue Like Jazz,” and I have to say, I’m feeling it. The movie is directed by the amazing Nashville filmmaker and musician Steve Taylor, and based on the New York Times bestselling memoir by Donald Miller. The movie will […]

Revolutionary Love

Recently I went to a panel discussion that’s part of a series on Revolutionary Nonviolence organized by a coalition of groups, including Quakers and representatives of Occupy Philadelphia. There were supposed to be four panelists on this particular night, but the one representing “Faith Community-Based Nonviolent Action” could not make it — […]