Book Reviews

Immigrant youth are ‘Made in Switzerland’

by Susanne Schanda in Lucerne, A new book indicates that religion plays an important role in identity-building among adolescents with immigrant backgrounds in Switzerland. The authors of “Youth, Migration and Religion”, which was presented at a roundtable at Lucerne University, say public discourse on immigrants has changed in Switzerland […]

A Quiet Revolution – Book Review

Source: Los Angeles Times When I was 13, one of my classmates came to school one morning wearing a beige head scarf. This was in the 1980s, in Morocco. Surprised by her attire, I joined a group of girls who gathered around her, watching them pepper her with questions. Our […]

Resurgence of the veil

DURING the first half of the 20th century, millions of Muslim women decided to abandon the head coverings their mothers had used; in the second half of the century, millions of Muslim women resumed wearing the veil. How and why these fluctuations of personal habit affected so many across the […]

Islamic law: the Development of a Sphere of Law independent from the State

In the years after the passing away of Muhammad, the next stage of legal development began with the rise of “proto-qadis” (judges) who, though appointed by political authorities, quickly achieved a measure of independence from the “state.” These proto-qadis, according to Hallaq, began as arbitrators, administrators, even storytellers, but they quickly began […]