Ministry of Religion Embraces Ex-Ahmadiyah Kuningan with Da’wah and Entrepreneurship

Monday, June 17, 2013 ·

Kuningan (Pinmas) – Masjid At Taufiq Kuningan Islamic Center, Manis Lor, Kuningan Regency on Monday (17/6) was more crowded than usual. The moment when the Ahmadiyya community reaffirmed its Islam by reciting the two shahada times attracted the attention of thousands of visitors at the mosque. A total of seven people consisting of three adult women and four men prepared to recite the creed.

“Ashhadu allaa ilaaha illallah. Wa Ashhadu anna Muhammadan Rasulullah,” said one of them named Ahmad Ghazi. For Ghazi, this testimony was special because it was delivered in the presence of Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali. Also present were the Director General of Bimas Islam of the Ministry of Religion Prof. Abdul Djamil, Acting Head of Balitbang Training of the Ministry of Religion Prof. Machasin, Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of West Java M Saeroji, Director of Diniyah Education and Islamic Boarding School Ace Syaifuddin, and Director of Islamic Religious Information of the Ministry of Religion Euis Sri Mulyani.

Aware that the former Ahmadiyya community that has reaffirmed its Islam also needs life support, on that occasion the Minister also provided assistance. “For MUI Kuningan Regency, I will give a stimulant fund of Rp 50 million. For the Taslimah community, I helped with Rp 40 million. Then for their children, they will be given scholarships from MI to tertiary level, concretely, “explained the Minister. In addition to financial assistance, the MORA will also seek entrepreneurship training for every former Ahmadiyya community.

Thus, it is hoped that they will have skills that can be utilized in living future lives. Kuningan Regent Aang Hamid Suganda explained that in his area, there are around 3,700 Ahmadiyah adherents domiciled in Manis Lor Village. To date, only 72 people have reaffirmed their Islam by reciting the two shahadas.

“We are still coordinating with local Islamic organizations to form a team of guidance and supervision of the Ahmadiyya faith stream and community so that their awareness continues to increase,” Aang said. Chairman of MUI Kuningan Regency KH Hafidzin Achmad also supported da’wah to restore the creed of the Ahmadiyya community. He also requested that the identities of former Ahamdiyah followers be changed to Islam if they have shahada before MUI scholars. (beautiful)

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  1. And they do not even know that members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community recites exactly the same … ex, or not, we all recite the same…

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