Lots of Trash in South Square, Solo Ahmadiyah Congregation Takes Action

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Ahmad Mufid Aryono Sunday, 27 August 2023 – 14:21 WIB

Youth from the Ahmadiyah Congregation clean up rubbish after performing morning prayers and take part in studies at the Suryapuran complex, Baluwarti Village, Pasar Kliwon District, Solo.

SOLOPOS.COM – Dozens of young members of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation (JAI) Solo took part in a movement to clean up trash in the South Alun-alun, Solo, Sunday (27/8/2023). A total of 13 trash bags were collected. (Special/JAI Solo Documentation)

Solopos.com, SOLO – Dozens of young people from the CongregationAhmadiyahIndonesia (JAI) Solo carried out a movement to clean up trash inSouth Square, Solo, Sunday (27/8/2023) morning. They managed to collect 13 bags of rubbish (trash bag) for one hour.

They cleaned up the trash after performing the morning prayers and participating in a study at the Suryapuran complex, Baluwarti Village, Pasar Kliwon District, Solo. Dozens of people spread across the South Square area at 06.00 WIB.

The majority of the waste collected is used food and drink waste, such as plastic waste, straws, cigarette butts and satai skewers. There is also trash in the form of nails and banners.

They collect used food and drink waste so that it can be collected by cleaning staff who usually dispose of waste at the Putri Cempo Final Disposal Site (TPA). Meanwhile, one plastic bag of nails is stored for use.

JAI Solo Spiritual Advisor/Mubaligh, Muhaimin Khoirul Amin, explained that as many as 54 youths from various regions, including Semarang, Karanganyar, and Jogja have gathered in Solo since Friday (25/8/2023).

The young people are members of the Khuddamul Ahmadiyah Council, which is an Ahmadiyah youth association. They hold regular meetings with various positive activities, including competition games and group discussion forums (FGD).

The forum discusses various matters related to spirituality; efforts to contribute to the nation and state; collaborate with JAI; shalawat; and cleaning up rubbish. They welcomed the South Square revitalization plan positively.

Muhaimin said JAI was used to cleaning up rubbish to help cleaning crews at certain moments, such as after New Year’s parties. The movement was initiated by Ahmadiyah youth in Jakarta around 2003.

“Young people saw a lot of garbage at Monas after the New Year’s celebration. Then came the idea of ​​cleaning the field at Monas with the name Clean The City community. Clean The City is a social movement concerned with the environment under the auspices of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Council of Khuddamul,” he explained.

The Clean The City movement was followed by a number of administrators in various regions, including the city of Solo. Usually the Ahmadiyah congregation cleans up rubbish on Jl Slamet Riyadi, South Square and the Gladak area after the New Year party.

The Solo Ahmadiyah Congregation coordinated with the Solo City Environmental Service (DLH) before starting the action. Usually they start hitting the streets around 03.00 WIB to 04.00 WIB. The Ahmadiyah congregation involved includes children, youth and adults.

“Officers in Solo usually work before dawn. So quickly clean it, “he said.

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