Ignorance Capable of Fighting Radicalism

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There are no reports of acts of terrorism that took place in Madura. As one of the islands that territorially belongs to the East Java region, Madura is famous for its multicultural area , the majority of the population is Muslim, and what many people know for sure is its unique culture and traditions.

Like several other regions in Indonesia, Madura has experienced several incidents of violence and conflict, particularly in the past, but there are no records of acts of terrorism in the region.

However, as a region with a majority Muslim population, Madura cannot be considered free from the threat of terrorism. Therefore, Madurese, like residents in other areas, must remain vigilant and comply with security measures imposed by the government to protect themselves from the threat of terrorism.

This can be seen from the tragedy of conflicts in the name of religion, namely the conflict between Muslims and Hindus in 1996 in the Pamekasan area, Madura. This conflict stems from a traffic accident involving a truck driver who is a Muslim and a motorcyclist who is a Hindu. After the accident occurred, there was a commotion between groups of Muslims and Hindus which eventually led to physical contact

Or the Sumenep riots in 2011 between Muslim and Christian groups. The incident was sparked by accusations of religious blasphemy made by a Christian student against Islam. Angry Muslim groups attacked Christians, resulting in dozens of Christian homes and churches being damaged and burned, and dozens of people injured.

The same thing happened in Sampang in 2012. At that time there were riots between Muslim and Ahmadiyah groups in Sampang, Madura. At that time, the people of Sampang criticized the teachings of Ahmadiyah as heretical, so that the community at that time expelled Ahmadiyah followers from the area. As a result, dozens of Ahmadiyya houses and places of worship were damaged and burned, and two people died and hundreds of others fled

Some Forms of Community Solidarity Madura

Besides being famous for its satay, Madura is also known for its attitude and cohesiveness in social life. One of the example is; First, the Gotong Royong attitude, this has become one of the traditions that is closely held by the Madurese people. They often work together in cleaning the village, building houses, repairing roads, or in other customary events.

Second,  Respect for Others, Madurese have their own way of paying respect to people they just met, especially people who are older and have higher positions. They also value guests very much, and will give a warm welcome to anyone who visits their home

Third,  enthusiastic and unyielding, Madurese people are known as passionate and unyielding people. They have high enthusiasm in work, study, or in everything they do. They don’t give up easily even when facing difficult problems or obstacles

Fourth,  Social Concern, Madurese people are very concerned about the social conditions around them. They often help people in need and are involved in social activities such as helping victims of natural disasters, providing assistance to sick people, or helping orphans.

Fifth,  Harmony, Madurese people are known as a harmonious and tolerant society. They have a tradition that teaches about harmony between religions and ethnic groups. They always maintain harmony and respect each other.

Communal Power

From the several cases of violence and conflict in the name of religion as mentioned above, we can presumably know that the potential for radicalism to enter is still there. However, there are several things that hinder this, therefore until now there have been no acts of terrorism that have occurred in Madura, especially in Pamekasan district.

First , because people tend to be exclusive and act “very stupid” . They will be very careful if they are faced with religious issues. This is heavily influenced by the position and influence of the “Kiai” who for the Madurese people are considered teachers, and everything he says is the truth. As extreme as this sounds, it is true

When faced with an issue that intersects with religion, they tend to be indifferent, this is also heavily influenced by educational factors which when compared to the island of Java, Madura is still far behind. Whether they realize it or not, they are able to filter out ideas that they believe to be true

and the Second, because of the power of solidarity. In fact, they are not only in solidarity in positive matters, in negative matters they are also very united

although they sound very “old-fashioned” and very backward, indirectly these two things have a big influence and become a counter against the entry of radicalism in Madura, especially in Pamekasan district.

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