Police: Trained group behind attack on Ahmadiyya community

More people would have died if law enforcers took immediate action, says Panchagarh SP

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March 9, 2023 2:35 PM

The recent attacks on the Ahmadiyya community in Panchagarh were carried out by trained groups, police said.

“More people would have died if law enforcers took immediate action, and similar incidents like this would have occurred all over the country,” said Panchagarh Superintendent of Police SM Sirajul Huda at a press briefing on Thursday. 

The SP said the attack was planned, and the attackers had gunpowder and petrol for arson.

“More than 8,000 Ahmadiyya members were present during the annual Salana Jalsa event, and over 7,000-8,000 people attacked them,” said the officer. 

“Some 170 police, 64 members of the RAB, and five platoons of BGB were on duty to control the situation. That is why the situation was under the control of the law enforcers,” the SP added.

He mentioned that so far 13 cases have been filed over the attacks, and some 165 accused have been arrested. “Over 10,000 people have been named in the cases. Several more cases are set to be filed as well.”

Mentioning that those involved in the attack will now be in fear, this police officer added: “There is no reason for common people to panic over the incidents. We have enough pictures, videos, and CCTV footage of the attack and attackers.”

The officer further told reporters that the attack was instigated by a vested group to destabilize the entire country. 

“Several members of the police, and RAB were injured in the attack. A traffic police box was torched. The attackers also tried to burn an old policeman to death. But currently, the situation in Panchagarh is normal.”

On March 3, two people were killed and dozens, including cops, were injured in the clash between a section of Muslim devotees and police during a protest march.

The next day, a vested group spread rumours in different parts of the district town and on social media saying that some Ahmidyya community members slaughtered two Muslims.

The roots of the Ahmadiyya community in Bangladesh can be found over a century ago, but members of this minority group have been subjected to persecution and degradation in society regularly due to their religious convictions.

source https://www.dhakatribune.com/nation/2023/03/09/police-trained-group-behind-attack-on-ahmadiyya-community

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